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This document delineates the Zero Usage Policy for Experts subscribed to the Starter (Free) plan on the EveryAnswer platform. Aimed at optimizing resource allocation and maintaining the platform's efficiency for active users, the policy outlines the protocols for handling inactivity and guides admins on how to effectively manage their Experts.

Policy Objective

The Zero Usage Policy is instituted to ensure optimal resource utilization by deactivating and eventually removing Experts that remain inactive under the Starter (Free) plan. This facilitates the provision of high-quality, affordable service to active users by efficiently reallocating resources.

Definition of Zero Usage

Zero usage constitutes the absence of user-initiated conversations with an Expert over a specified duration, serving as a key metric for identifying inactive Experts within the Starter (Free) plan.

Policy Details

Inactivity Monitoring

  • 75-Day Observation: The platform monitors the engagement levels, specifically the occurrence of conversations, of Experts on the Starter plan.
  • Inactivity Identification: An Expert is identified as inactive if it records no conversations over a period of 75 days.

Procedures for Inactive Experts

  1. Warning Notification:
  2. 60-Day Alert: Admins receive a notification after 60 days of inactivity, urging them to initiate a conversation with their Expert to avert deactivation.
  3. Cancellation of Inactive Experts:
  4. 75-Day Cancellation: Experts that exhibit zero usage for 75 days are subjected to cancellation. This action dispatches a cancellation notification to the admin and schedules the Expert for deactivation at the end of the current billing period.
  5. Expert Deactivation and Deletion Process:
  6. End-of-Month Deactivation: Experts slated for cancellation are deactivated as the billing period concludes.
  7. 14-Day Grace Period: Following deactivation, a grace period of 14 days is provided, during which admins have the opportunity to restore their deactivated Expert.
  8. Permanent Deletion: Deactivated Experts that are not restored within the 14-day grace period are subjected to permanent deletion.

Restoration of Cancelled Experts

  • Opportunity for Restoration: Within the 14-day grace period post-deactivation, admins can opt to restore their deactivated Expert.
  • Necessity of Immediate Action: Post-restoration, it is crucial for admins to promptly initiate a conversation. Failure to engage will result in the Expert being flagged for zero usage, reinitiating the cancellation process.

Maintaining Active Status

  • Engagement Imperative: Sustaining regular interaction with the Expert is vital to avoid classification under zero usage.
  • Continued Free Access: The Starter (Free) plan is perpetually free, contingent on the active usage of the Expert.

Link to Cancellation Documentation

For comprehensive details about the cancellation process, restoration of cancelled Experts, and related procedures, please refer to our Cancellation Documentation.

Rationale Behind the Policy

  • Ensuring Resource Efficiency: The Zero Usage Policy plays a critical role in ensuring that platform resources are devoted to active users, thereby elevating the platform's efficacy.
  • Maintaining Cost-Effectiveness: The reduction of inactive accounts through this policy aids in preserving the platform's affordability while upholding a high standard of service quality for all users.
  • Encouraging Active Engagement: The policy promotes regular utilization of the platform, maximizing the value users derive from their Experts.


Compliance with the Zero Usage Policy is essential to maintaining an active and efficient presence on the EveryAnswer platform. Admins are encouraged to engage consistently with their Experts to circumvent deactivation. By being proactive and maintaining regular interactions, admins can ensure their Experts remain operational and continue to extract value from the Starter (Free) plan. Engaging regularly is key to leveraging the full potential of the EveryAnswer platform and sustaining the viability of the free service offering.

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