Use Case:

Disaster Response

Instant Information When it Matters Most

Provide instant answers to workers, victims, and the press through dedicated, real-time Q&A channels, each independently curated and updated as the situation unfolds.
Empower volunteers and team members with instant access to critical information
Provide self-service instant answers to victims, reducing lines, stress and confusion
Automatically answer press inquiries with the latest information
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A cartoon of raging forest fires near a town.

Fast Changes, Slow Communication

Is the challenge of maintaining updated, consistent communication during a crisis overwhelming your team and volunteers?

During disaster response, everyone is looking for answers. Coordinators face the overwhelming job of answering countless questions from workers, volunteers, and the media. At the same time, workers and volunteers spend much of their time seeking answers or addressing questions from each other and those affected by the disaster. When people don't have the answers they need, disaster response can become chaotic. This can lead to duplicated efforts, missed opportunities, and even dangerous situations.

Valuable time is lost looking for information
Outdated info can lead to dangerous mistakes
Telling everyone about every update right away isn't feasible

Provide Instant, Automated Answers 24/7

EveryAnswer is a game-changer for disaster response. Coordinators can update EveryAnswer in seconds with the latest information. Enabling volunteers, workers, victims and even the press, to ask questions and get instant, up-to-date answers. This means faster, more accurate responses, even when things are hectic.

Screenshot of EveryAnswer in ActionA screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.

Answer Questions Instantly

Answer questions from workers, volunteers, and media instantly, 24/7, ensuring they receive accurate, up-to-date answers whenever they need them.
Answer your user's questions instantly, 24/7, ensuring your audience receives accurate, up-to-date answers, whenever they need them.
A screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.A screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.

Answers With Data Curated by You

Our platform makes it easy to add, update, and remove knowledge from the AI in real time as situations evolve, ensuring everyone receives up-to-date information.
Respond to your user's questions using the information you provide, ensuring accurate and consistent answers that are relevant to your audience.
A screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.

Rich Responses with Links & Multimedia

Craft rich responses, using images, videos, links, and custom formatting to present information in a visually compelling and informative way.

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