Our Origin Story

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize how organizations access and share knowledge. Understanding the importance of human-like interaction in adoption of this technology, we patiently awaited the moment when technology caught up with our dream. Thanks to recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, we can now turn our vision into reality, and thus, EveryAnswer was born.
A cartoon character in a green costume flying in the air.

Why We Created EveryAnswer

We recognized that organizations have vast amounts of knowledge buried in seldom-accessed files and locked away in people's minds. We created EveryAnswer to unlock this untapped knowledge and make it instantly accessible to those who need it.

Bringing Knowledge to Life

We created the concept of Experts to feel familiar, like asking a coworker. They're designed to be approachable and relatable, ensuring that knowledge is not locked behind tech barriers but is open and inviting to everyone.

Built for Business

EveryAnswer is crafted with businesses in mind, prioritizing trust and accessibility. Through our tailored 'Experts', we make sure knowledge isn't just stored but shared, ensuring everyone can access what they need while maintaining the utmost data protection.

Built on Industry-leading Technology