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Earn 30% of the revenue generated from an Expert you referred for the first year!
Become an Affiliate

How it works

A Simple, Rewarding Journey to Earning with EveryAnswer

Join the EveryAnswer Affiliate Program and be a catalyst for change. Help businesses unlock the full potential of AI to provide their users with instant access to information and knowledge.

By referring new users to EveryAnswer, you're not just facilitating smarter, quicker decision-making; you're also creating a new revenue stream for yourself.

It's Win-Win!

When you become an EveryAnswer affiliate, the benefits are twofold. Your audience receives an exclusive offer on EveryAnswer, making it easier for them to harness the power of AI-driven Experts for their organizations. Meanwhile, you earn a generous 30% commission on the revenue generated from each successful referral for the first year. It's a rewarding experience for everyone involved!

Step 1: Apply to the Program

Apply to become an affiliate through a simple application.
Our dedicated team reviews each application meticulously and typically gets back to you with a decision within a couple of business days.
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Step 2: Share with Your Audience

Once approved, it's time to spread the word. You have two convenient ways to share EveryAnswer with your audience:
Option 1: Share Your Unique Affiliate Link
Whether you're an influencer with a large following, a blogger passionate about technology, or a business with a substantial newsletter audience, sharing your unique affiliate link is as easy as copy and paste. Place the link in your blog posts, social media updates, or newsletters to effortlessly guide your audience to EveryAnswer.

Option 2: Use a Promo Code
If you prefer a more personalized touch, you can offer your audience a special promo code. This code can be entered during the checkout process on EveryAnswer, providing them with a sign-up bonus and ensuring you get credited for the referral.

Step 3: Make Money!

Every time a new user signs up for EveryAnswer and we get paid, you get paid! Monitor the performance of your affiliate link through your personalized dashboard. Track metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and, most importantly, your earnings.

Step 4: Grow and Thrive

The sky's the limit when it comes to your earning potential. As you continue to share EveryAnswer with your audience, watch your commissions grow. We place no caps on the rewards you can earn, so the more you share, the more you earn!
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Become an Affiliate

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