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Employee Onboarding Companion

Enhance Your New Hire Onboarding Experience

Instantly answer questions from new hires 24/7, and reduce the time HR spends responding to repetitive questions.
Enable new hires to access reliable answers instantly before, on and after their first day
Ensure new hires always receive correct, up-to-date information
Reduce the volume of repetitive questions HR needs to answer
A cartoon woman in glasses standing in an office, offering expert answers to new hire questions using AI technology, courtesy of EveryAnswer.
An office that is a maze. Symbolizing that new hires need to navigate a maze when starting a new job.

Navigating the Onboarding Maze

Starting a new job comes with anticipation and a flurry of questions.

Ensuring new hires have all the information they need, whenever they need it, is vital for a smooth transition into any organization. However, managing the sheer volume of queries from new hires can significantly interrupt HR operations and the flow of daily activities. Correctly sharing consistent information is paramount to prevent reliance on outdated sources or incorrect peer advice.

New hires grapple with information overload during onboarding.
New hires may be hesitant to ask HR questions for fear of being a burden.
New hires may rely on outdated or incorrect information from peers.

Immediate Assistance for New Hires

Provide Instant, Automated Answers 24/7

Onboarding is a pivotal phase, and ensuring new hires have the right information anytime they need it is crucial. By integrating EveryAnswer, organizations can create a centralized resource that's always available, 24/7, and supports multiple languages. This Expert becomes the go-to for new hires, answering their questions consistently, accurately, and in the language they're most comfortable with.

Screenshot of EveryAnswer in ActionA screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.

Answer Questions Instantly

Let EveryAnswer answer your new hires' questions instantly, 24/7, ensuring they receive accurate, up-to-date answers, whenever they need them.
Answer your user's questions instantly, 24/7, ensuring your audience receives accurate, up-to-date answers, whenever they need them.
A screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.A screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.

Answers With Data Curated by You

Our AI is trained on information you provide, such as HR manuals, policies and benefits guides, ensuring the answers it provides are right for your organization.
Respond to your user's questions using the information you provide, ensuring accurate and consistent answers that are relevant to your audience.
A screenshot of EveryAnswer showing data-driven answers with citations.

Rich Responses with Links & Multimedia

Craft rich responses, using images, videos, links, and custom formatting to present information in a visually compelling and informative way.

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