Public Website Data Source

Train Your Expert Using Online Resources

Extract and integrate data from public websites and online platforms, enhancing the depth and breadth of your EveryAnswer Expert's knowledge.

Public Website Data Source

Simple to Use

Just enter the URL, and we'll extract knowledge and convert it into an AI-ready format.

Leverage Diverse Online Content

From corporate websites to niche knowledge bases, tap into a wide range of online resources.

Rapid Expertise Development

Instantly train your Expert to become a knowledgeable specialist, leveraging a vast volumes of online data.

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Upload From Your Computer

Transfer documents straight from your computer, making it straightforward to train your EveryAnswer Expert with the information you already have.

Import From Cloud Storage

Pull in your documents directly from leading cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive, streamlining the process to train your EveryAnswer Expert.
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Supports Most File Types

No matter the file type – common or unique – we let you import the knowledge you have in your documents and train your EveryAnswer Expert – no preparation needed.
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Expand Your Experts Knowledge

Enhance the knowledge and expertise of your EveryAnswer Expert by extracting and integrating data from public websites and online platforms.

Choose What to Import

With EveryAnswer, start from a base URL or a specific path like We'll auto-import content, letting you exclude undesired paths or pages, ensuring your Expert's knowledge aligns with your preferences.
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Ensure Content Stays Fresh

EveryAnswer automatically imports new pages and updated content, while seamlessly removing outdated information, ensuring your AI Expert's knowledge remains consistently current and comprehensive.

Intelligent Scanning Engine

Using automated crawling, smart sitemap detection, and a global network of proxies, EveryAnswer efficiently extracts web content from the sites you configure, without concerns over rate limits and blocks.
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Screenshot showing a complete create Custom Content screen in EveryAnswer.

Control Expert Responses

Custom Content allows you to tailor your Expert's responses to your organization's needs, enabling dynamic conversations, fixed answers with rich content, and data collection through embedded forms.

Fine-tune Expert Context

Using the Custom Content feature, you can create specialized context for specific questions, allowing your Expert to dynamically answer user queries in their native language, ensuring accuracy and preventing potential misinformation.
Screenshot of providing specialized context using the Custom Content data source in EveryAnswer.
Screenshot showing a rich fixed response from the Custom Content data source in EveryAnswer.

Provide Fixed Responses

Create fixed responses enriched with formatted text, links, and compelling visuals to ensure accuracy and consistency, making them the ideal solution for addressing common queries.

Collect Data Seamlessly

Capture data from your users easily by embedding forms directly within the chat conversation. Whether it's for lead generation, user feedback, or other purposes, these in-chat forms not only boost user engagement but also simplify and streamline data collection processes, offering a seamless and user-centric experience.
Screenshot of a form embedded into a chat conversation EveryAnswer.

Step-by-Step Walkthroughs

Learn how to use the EveryAnswer platform with simple to follow, step-by-step walkthroughs.

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Related Documentation

Got Questions? We've Got Answers: Explore our Frequently Asked Questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers: Explore our Frequently Asked Questions.
What is the Public Website Data source
It allows organizations to extract and utilize information from selected public websites, turning their EveryAnswer Experts into knowledgeable specialists.
How do I start using the Public Website Data source?
Simply enter the URL of the desired website, and our platform will extract and convert the knowledge into an AI-ready format.
Is there a limit to the number of websites I can extract data from?
While you can extract data from multiple websites, it's essential to be mindful of the character limit based on your subscription plan. Each plan offers a generous capacity, but extensive extractions might approach these limits.
Can I specify which sections or pages of a website to extract from?
Absolutely. Our platform provides granular control, allowing you to choose specific sections, pages, or even content types. You can set the starting URL to be a specific folder (e.g.,, and the platform will only extract pages below that folder. Additionally, you can add folder paths to exclude during the discovery process. Once the website's structure has been discovered, you have the flexibility to exclude specific pages or sections, ensuring that the extracted knowledge is tailored to your organization's requirements.
How does the platform handle multilingual content?
Our platform is equipped to handle content in multiple languages. Once imported, the AI Expert can process this information and respond to user queries in their native language, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Are there any websites that the platform cannot extract from?
This data source is specifically designed to extract from public websites that are accessible over the internet. It cannot download content from private websites that aren't publicly accessible or from pages that are password protected. Additionally, some large public websites have measures in place to prevent scraping, and our platform may face challenges with such sites. It's crucial to note that scraping or extracting data from a website may be against the website's terms of use. Users should always ensure they have the right to use the content they're extracting and respect copyright and intellectual property rights. Before extracting data, it's recommended to review the target website's terms of use and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.
How does the platform handle websites with dynamic content?
Our extraction algorithms are designed to capture both static and dynamic web content, ensuring a comprehensive knowledge base that includes even frequently changing information.
What if a website blocks the extraction process?
We utilize advanced techniques and a distributed network of servers to reliably import websites, significantly reducing the chance of being blocked or facing rate-limiting issues.
How frequently does the platform update the extracted data from websites?
The frequency of updates varies based on the subscription plan you choose. However, our platform does actively scan for new content that is added to the specified websites. When content is removed from a website, clients have the option to either retain that content in their AI Expert's knowledge base or remove it to ensure alignment with the current state of the website.