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This comprehensive guide outlines the procedures and implications associated with cancelling a subscription for an Expert on the EveryAnswer platform. It provides a detailed overview of the cancellation process, the options available after initiating a cancellation, including the ability to cancel a pending cancellation, and the steps to restore a subscription if required.

Subscription Cancellation Process

Understanding Cancellation

Cancelling a subscription entails discontinuing the paid services for the respective Expert at the end of the current billing cycle. Recognizing the implications of this action on service availability, data retention, and the potential to reverse the cancellation is crucial.

Confirmation and Processing

  • Intention Confirmation: A confirmation step is mandatory to prevent accidental cancellations.
  • Service Continuity: Services associated with the Expert will continue until the end of the current billing cycle, ensuring you can utilize the features until the subscription officially ends.
  • Data Handling: Post-cancellation, your data is secured during a limited grace period, allowing you to back up your data or take steps to restore the subscription.

Managing a Pending Cancellation

Cancelling a Pending Cancellation

  • Reversing the Decision: If you have initiated a cancellation but wish to reverse this decision before the end of the month, you can cancel the pending cancellation.
  • Immediate Effect: Upon cancelling the pending cancellation, your subscription will continue as if no cancellation request was made, ensuring uninterrupted access to your Expert's services and features.

Post-Cancellation Options

Restoring a Cancelled Subscription

  • Grace Period for Restoration: Following the cancellation, a grace period is offered, during which you can restore the subscription. It's important to note that during this period, access to the Expert's data, settings, and functionalities is restricted.
  • Restoration and Billing: Restoring a subscription effectively reverses the cancellation. The restoration process includes billing for the new month as part of reactivating the subscription.
  • Detailed Guidance: For an in-depth guide on the restoration process, including conditions and best practices, please refer to the Restoring a Cancelled Subscription documentation.

Alternative to Cancellation: Plan Downgrade

  • Cost-Effective Expert Access: Consider downgrading your subscription instead of cancelling if you aim to reduce costs while maintaining access to your Expert.
  • Downgrade Details: Access comprehensive information on how to downgrade your subscription  please refer to the Downgrading a Subscription documentation.

Best Practices and Considerations

  • Data Backup: Ensure the security of your data by backing it up before the end of the grace period following cancellation.
  • Terms and Conditions Review: Familiarize yourself with the specific terms related to subscription cancellation, pending cancellation reversal, and restoration to avoid unexpected scenarios.
  • Support and Alternatives: Before finalizing your cancellation, consider consulting EveryAnswer support. There may be solutions or adjustments that could accommodate your needs without necessitating the termination of your subscription.


Making an informed decision regarding the cancellation of a subscription on EveryAnswer is paramount. Understanding the process, its implications, and the available options, including reversing a pending cancellation or restoring a cancelled subscription, will ensure that your choices align with your operational needs. The EveryAnswer support team is dedicated to providing assistance and support throughout this process, helping you navigate your subscription management effectively.

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