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This guide is dedicated to explaining the process and critical considerations involved in restoring an Expert's subscription after the cancellation has been completed. It specifically focuses on the actions that can be taken during the 14-day grace period following cancellation, highlighting the importance of timely decision-making to ensure the Expert and its data can be recovered.

Restoration of a Cancelled Expert within the Grace Period


After a subscription cancellation, the associated Expert enters a 14-day grace period. This period serves as a crucial window during which the subscription can be restored before the data and Expert are permanently deleted.

Grace Period Details

  • Duration: The grace period extends for 14 days after the subscription cancellation.
  • Visibility and Access: The cancelled Expert is marked as 'cancelled' and remains visible on the 'Manage Experts' screen during this period. However, access to the Expert’s data, settings, and functionalities is restricted, with the primary actionable option being the restoration of the subscription.

Process for Restoring a Cancelled Subscription

Initiating Restoration

  1. Navigate to Manage Experts: Log into your EveryAnswer account and access the 'Manage Experts' screen.
  2. Select the Cancelled Expert: Find the Expert labeled as 'cancelled'. This label indicates that the Expert is within the 14-day grace period and eligible for restoration.
  3. Choose to Restore: Opt for the restoration of the subscription for the selected Expert.

Confirmation and Reactivation

  • Confirmation of Restoration: Confirm your intent to ensure that the restoration of the subscription is deliberate.
  • Reactivation and Billing: Following confirmation, the subscription is immediately reactivated, which includes the resumption of billing for the new month. This action signifies the reversal of the cancellation and the full restoration of services.

Post-Grace Period: Permanent Data Loss

  • End of Grace Period: If the 14-day grace period lapses without restoration action, the Expert and all associated data are permanently deleted.
  • Irreversible Data Loss: After this period, the data is irrecoverable, and the Expert cannot be restored. It's crucial to act within the grace period if you intend to retain the Expert and its data.

Considerations and Best Practices

  • Prompt Action: Ensure that the decision to restore is made well within the 14-day grace period to prevent permanent data loss.
  • Review Post-Restoration: After restoration, promptly check the Expert’s data and settings to verify that everything is intact and operational.
  • Billing Implications: Understand that restoring a subscription also entails the immediate commencement of billing for the new month.
  • Awareness of Terms: Be fully aware of the terms related to restoring a cancelled subscription, especially concerning the restoration process, service resumption, and billing.
  • Support and Guidance: The EveryAnswer support team is ready to assist with any inquiries or issues you may have regarding the restoration process.


The restoration of a cancelled subscription is a process that demands timely action, especially due to the irreversible data loss that occurs post the 14-day grace period. By comprehending the restoration steps and acting promptly, you can ensure the continuity of your Expert's services. The EveryAnswer support team is dedicated to providing support and guidance throughout this critical process, helping you make informed decisions and effectively manage your subscription.

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