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This document provides a comprehensive guide on the overage policies and controls within the EveryAnswer platform. Understanding these aspects is essential for effectively managing overages and ensuring a smooth operation of Experts. The documentation covers various facets of overage management, including subscription details, control mechanisms, special considerations, and strategies for handling overages.

What are Overages?

Overages occur when the usage of an Expert exceeds the limits set by the subscribed plan. Recognizing and managing overages efficiently is crucial to maintaining service continuity and managing costs.

Subscription and Plan Details

  • Multiple Experts: Clients may operate multiple Experts, each with its distinct subscription and usage plan.
  • Individual Subscriptions: Each Expert is linked to a unique subscription, allowing specific management and resource allocation.
  • Diverse Plans: Subscriptions can vary across different plans, each with its set of usage limits to cater to specific needs.
  • Generous Limits: Most plans offer generous usage limits, typically sufficient for regular operations, except for the Starter (Free) plan.

Overages Control Mechanism

Default Settings

By default, EveryAnswer allows Experts to exceed their usage limits (overages), ensuring uninterrupted service.

Admin-Controlled Settings

Admins can manage how overages are handled:

  • Allow Overages: Experts can exceed their usage limits. This is the default setting.
  • Prevent Overages: Admins can opt to prevent overages. If enabled, the Expert will be paused if its usage limits are reached, avoiding unexpected costs.

Special Considerations

Starter Plan and Free Trials

  • No Overages Permitted: For Experts on the Starter (Free) plan or under a free trial, overages are not allowed. Once the usage limit is reached, the Expert will be paused until the next billing cycle or until the plan is upgraded.

Resuming Paused Plans

Paused Due to Overages

Plans that exceed their usage limits and are set not to allow overages will be paused.

Resumption Conditions

A paused plan will remain in this state until the next billing cycle unless one of the following occurs:

  • The usage is brought within the allotted amount, for instance, by reducing storage usage.
  • The admin setting is changed to allow overages.
  • The plan is upgraded to accommodate higher usage levels.

Understanding Usage Types

EveryAnswer monitors two primary types of usage: Storage and Conversations.


Storage refers to the volume of data stored within an Expert, forming its knowledge base.

  • Measurement: Storage is quantified in characters, counted during the file import process.
  • Overage Calculation: At the end of each billing cycle, storage usage is assessed. Overages are charged per 1 million characters, rounded up to the nearest million.


Conversations indicate the level of engagement, measured by unique interactions with an Expert.

  • Measurement: Each new interaction is counted as a separate conversation. Continuing an existing conversation does not add to the count.
  • Overage Calculation: Conversation overages are assessed at the end of each billing cycle and are charged precisely per conversation.

What to Do in Case of Overages

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check the usage statistics of your Experts to avoid unexpected overages.
  • Assess Needs: Periodically review your subscription plan and usage to ensure it aligns with your current needs.
  • Adjust Settings: If you prefer to avoid overages, toggle the setting to prevent overages. Be mindful that this may pause your Expert once the limit is reached.
  • Consider Upgrades: If your usage consistently exceeds the limits, consider upgrading to a higher plan to accommodate your growing needs.

Billing and Invoices

  • Visibility: Overage costs are calculated and included in the invoice for the subsequent month.
  • Pricing Information: For the most current overage pricing details, visit the EveryAnswer Pricing Page.


Effectively managing overages is key to leveraging EveryAnswer's platform efficiently. By understanding overage policies, monitoring usage, and adjusting settings or plans as needed, admins and customers can maintain control over their Experts and budget. For any further clarifications or up-to-date pricing information, refer to the official EveryAnswer resources.

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