How EveryAnswer Transforms Web Information into AI-Ready Data

EveryAnswer effortlessly converts website information into AI-ready data to train your AI Experts.
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EveryAnswer enable you to effortlessly import data from any public website, including your own, directly into your AI Experts. With more information at their disposal, your AI experts can answer more questions and provide better, more accurate answers. Websites are rich with content, but extracting and converting this data manually can be a daunting task. This is where EveryAnswer comes in, revolutionizing the way public website information is transformed into AI-ready data.

Understanding the Problem

Converting website information into a format that AI can use effectively is no small feat. Organizations often face several common issues:

  • Data Inaccessibility: Information is often locked in complex web structures, making it difficult to access.
  • Outdated Information: Manually updating data is time-consuming, leading to the use of outdated information.
  • Inefficiency in Data Extraction: Traditional methods of data extraction are labor-intensive and prone to errors.

How EveryAnswer Addresses the Challenge

Comprehensive Data Ingestion

EveryAnswer simplifies the process by allowing you to ingest an entire website or selectively target specific subfolders, such as This flexibility helps you refine your data set by excluding certain pages or paths, ensuring that only relevant information is captured.

Utilizing Sitemaps and Crawling

Efficiency is key, and EveryAnswer leverages sitemaps to streamline data collection. When a sitemap is not available, EveryAnswer deploys bots to crawl and detect pages, ensuring that no valuable content is missed.

Data Extraction and Processing

EveryAnswer’s bots visit each page, capture a screenshot, and extract relevant information. This data is then converted into an AI-friendly format through a process known as embedding. Embedding translates the content into a structured, searchable format that is optimized it for AI use.

Transparency and Accuracy

Citations and Source Tracking

Transparency and accuracy are paramount. EveryAnswer provides the original URL as a citation whenever website information is used to answer a question. This feature ensures that users can trace back to the source with ease, maintaining the integrity of the information provided by the AI Experts.

Benefits of Using EveryAnswer

Efficiency and Accuracy

EveryAnswer excels in transforming website data into AI-ready content efficiently and accurately. This enhances the performance of your AI-powered experts, enabling them to provide more precise and reliable answers.

User-Friendly Features

Setting up and using EveryAnswer is straightforward, requiring no technical expertise. This user-friendly approach ensures that organizations of all sizes can benefit from the platform. For end-users, this means instant answers and access to reliable information without any hassle.

Enhanced Control and Security

EveryAnswer offers extensive control over data security and privacy, with granular user access control and org-wide data and privacy settings. This ensures that your data remains secure and that only authorized users have access.


EveryAnswer transforms website data into AI-ready content, making it easier than ever to enhance the capabilities of your AI Experts. With its efficient data extraction methods, transparent citations, and user-friendly features, EveryAnswer is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to leverage web content for AI. Want to learn more about the Public Website Datasource, click here.

Ready to experience the benefits EveryAnswer firsthand? Try EveryAnswer for free today and try it for yourself.

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