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Transform Your Clients’ Websites into Lead-Generating Machines with AI

Add Value and Differentiate Your Services with EveryAnswer


As a web designer or agency, adding value to your projects is key to standing out and ensuring client satisfaction. One effective way to enhance your client offerings is by integrating an EveryAnswer Expert, a powerful AI-driven chatbot, into your clients' websites. This feature not only improves user engagement and lead generation but also provides an innovative, cost-free addition to your services. Here’s how you can seamlessly include an EveryAnswer Expert in your projects and transform your clients' websites into dynamic lead-generation tools.

Why Include an EveryAnswer Expert?

An EveryAnswer Expert is designed to provide instant, 24/7 answers to visitor questions, capturing leads efficiently and improving site engagement. Here are the benefits of integrating this tool into your clients' websites:

  • Enhanced Visitor Engagement: An AI chatbot interacts with visitors in real-time, providing immediate responses that keep them engaged and reduce bounce rates.
  • Increased Lead Capture Rates: By capturing leads during interactions, an EveryAnswer Expert enhances conversion rates, making the most out of each visitor’s visit.
  • 24/7 Availability: Unlike traditional live chat, an EveryAnswer Expert is available around the clock, ensuring no lead is missed due to off-hours.

How to Integrate an EveryAnswer Expert: A Step-by-Step Guide

Implementing an EveryAnswer Expert into your clients' websites is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sign Up for EveryAnswer: Start by registering for EveryAnswer’s free plan. This allows you to create and manage multiple Experts tailored to different clients or projects.
  2. Set Up an Expert: Create an EveryAnswer Expert for your client’s site. Customize it with relevant data, including FAQs, product information, and other key content.
  3. Embed the Chatbot: Use the provided embed code to integrate the chatbot into your client’s website.
  4. Customize the Interface: Tailor the chatbot’s appearance to match the client’s branding, ensuring a seamless look and feel.
  5. Monitor and Optimize: Use EveryAnswer’s analytics to track performance. Continuously refine the Expert based on insights to enhance its accuracy and effectiveness.

Addressing Common Client Challenges

Many clients struggle to convert website visitors into leads. Here’s how an EveryAnswer Expert addresses common pain points:

  • Static Websites: Websites often act as static brochures rather than dynamic lead-generation tools. An EveryAnswer Expert transforms this by engaging visitors in real-time.
  • Limited Contact Options: Many websites only provide a phone number or email address, hoping visitors will reach out. However, visitors are unlikely to contact a business they don’t know well. If they can’t get the answers they need immediately, they’ll move on to a competitor.
  • Slow Response Times: Users expect instant answers. If they’re kept waiting, they’re likely to head to a competitor. An EveryAnswer Expert provides immediate responses, ensuring no lead slips away.
  • Inefficient Lead Capture: Traditional contact forms often lead to long waits for email replies. An EveryAnswer Expert captures leads seamlessly during interactions, improving conversion rates.

Benefits of an EveryAnswer Expert vs. Live Chat

  • Cost Efficiency: EveryAnswer's free plan allows you to provide round-the-clock service without the additional cost of staffing live agents 24/7.
  • Instant Response: Unlike live chat, which may involve wait times, an EveryAnswer Expert provides instant responses, keeping users engaged and reducing the likelihood of them leaving the site.
  • Scalability: An EveryAnswer Expert can handle an unlimited number of queries simultaneously, ensuring consistent performance even during peak times.
  • Consistent Quality: An EveryAnswer Expert delivers consistent, accurate answers based on curated data, reducing the variability that can occur with human agents.

Delivering Automated, 24/7 Answers

An EveryAnswer Expert supercharges websites with AI-powered chat, offering a human-like interaction experience:

  • Instant Answers: Provide accurate, up-to-date answers 24/7, ensuring your client’s audience receives the information they need when they need it.
  • Curated Responses: Use data provided by the client to deliver consistent, relevant answers.
  • Rich Multimedia Responses: Enhance interactions with images, videos, links, and custom formatting for visually compelling and informative responses.

Seamlessly Including an EveryAnswer Expert

By seamlessly integrating an EveryAnswer Expert into your web design projects, you offer significant value that enhances user engagement and boosts lead generation. This powerful, free tool can transform any website into a lead-generating machine, providing a competitive edge in your service offerings. Here’s how to seamlessly include an EveryAnswer Expert:

  1. Pre-Set the Expert During Development: When building or updating a website, set up the Expert as part of your standard process. This ensures it’s ready to go live as soon as the site launches.
  2. Highlight the Feature in Documentation: When handing over the project, include documentation about the EveryAnswer Expert, highlighting its benefits and how clients can monitor its performance.
  3. Offer Ongoing Support: Provide ongoing support to ensure the chatbot remains effective. This can include periodic updates and optimizations based on client feedback and performance analytics.

Overcoming Common Client Objections

"We Already Have a Live Chat System"

An EveryAnswer Expert can replace live chat systems by handling all inquiries instantly and automatically. This eliminates the need for human agents to be available around the clock, reducing costs and ensuring no leads are missed outside business hours.

"We're Concerned About the AI's Accuracy"

An EveryAnswer Expert is trained on your specific data, ensuring that responses are accurate and relevant. You can continuously update and refine the information it uses, maintaining high-quality interactions. Plus, analytics allow you to monitor and adjust as needed.

"We Prefer Personal Interaction"

An EveryAnswer Expert provides a human-like conversational experience, enhancing user engagement with immediate, helpful responses.


Integrating an EveryAnswer Expert into your web design projects is a simple yet powerful way to add value for your clients. By including this AI-driven chatbot, you enhance user engagement, boost lead generation, and provide an innovative feature that sets your services apart. Start implementing EveryAnswer Expert today and watch your client satisfaction and business growth soar.

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