Custom Content Data Source

Train Your Expert Using Custom Content

Create Custom Content to address niche requirements, ensuring your EveryAnswer Expert answers with precision and relevance.

Custom Content Data Source

Complete Control Over Answers

Gain unparalleled control over your Expert's responses, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and relevance to maintain your brand voice and specific messaging.

Engaging User Experience

From dynamic contextual responses to visually rich fixed responses and interactive embedded forms, provide users with a dynamic, engaging, and informative experience.

Efficient Data Collection

Streamline data collection processes by using embedded forms to capture specific information, whether it's for lead generation, feedback, or other specific purposes.

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Upload From Your Computer

Transfer documents straight from your computer, making it straightforward to train your EveryAnswer Expert with the information you already have.

Import From Cloud Storage

Pull in your documents directly from leading cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive, streamlining the process to train your EveryAnswer Expert.
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Supports Most File Types

No matter the file type – common or unique – we let you import the knowledge you have in your documents and train your EveryAnswer Expert – no preparation needed.
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Expand Your Experts Knowledge

Enhance the knowledge and expertise of your EveryAnswer Expert by extracting and integrating data from public websites and online platforms.

Choose What to Import

With EveryAnswer, start from a base URL or a specific path like We'll auto-import content, letting you exclude undesired paths or pages, ensuring your Expert's knowledge aligns with your preferences.
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Ensure Content Stays Fresh

EveryAnswer automatically imports new pages and updated content, while seamlessly removing outdated information, ensuring your AI Expert's knowledge remains consistently current and comprehensive.

Intelligent Scanning Engine

Using automated crawling, smart sitemap detection, and a global network of proxies, EveryAnswer efficiently extracts web content from the sites you configure, without concerns over rate limits and blocks.
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Screenshot showing a complete create Custom Content screen in EveryAnswer.

Control Expert Responses

Custom Content allows you to tailor your Expert's responses to your organization's needs, enabling dynamic conversations, fixed answers with rich content, and data collection through embedded forms.

Fine-tune Expert Context

Using the Custom Content feature, you can create specialized context for specific questions, allowing your Expert to dynamically answer user queries in their native language, ensuring accuracy and preventing potential misinformation.
Screenshot of providing specialized context using the Custom Content data source in EveryAnswer.
Screenshot showing a rich fixed response from the Custom Content data source in EveryAnswer.

Provide Fixed Responses

Create fixed responses enriched with formatted text, links, and compelling visuals to ensure accuracy and consistency, making them the ideal solution for addressing common queries.

Collect Data Seamlessly

Capture data from your users easily by embedding forms directly within the chat conversation. Whether it's for lead generation, user feedback, or other purposes, these in-chat forms not only boost user engagement but also simplify and streamline data collection processes, offering a seamless and user-centric experience.
Screenshot of a form embedded into a chat conversation EveryAnswer.

Step-by-Step Walkthroughs

Learn how to use the EveryAnswer platform with simple to follow, step-by-step walkthroughs.

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Related Documentation

Got Questions? We've Got Answers: Explore our Frequently Asked Questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers: Explore our Frequently Asked Questions.
What is the "Custom Content" data source?
The "Custom Content" data source is a feature that allows organizations to create tailored responses to to specific questions.
How does the Custom Content feature benefit organizations?
The Custom Content feature benefits organizations by allowing them to tailor the AI Expert's responses to their specific needs, preferences, and objectives. It gives them control over the AI's answers, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and relevance.
How is Custom Content structured within the EveryAnswer?
Custom content is structured in a question-and-answer (Q&A) format within the AI Expert. Organizations input anticipated user questions and define their custom responses. This systematic approach ensures that the AI Expert can effectively match user queries with the most relevant custom content.
What are the different answer formats available for custom content?
There are three different answer formats available for custom content: contextual responses, fixed responses, and embedded forms. Contextual Responses: These responses are dynamic and conversational. When a user interacts with the AI Expert, it analyzes the ongoing conversation and crafts a response that is contextually aligned with the user's query. The AI Expert understands the context provided by the user and can provide personalized and relevant answers based on that context. This type of response enhances user engagement and satisfaction. Fixed Responses: Fixed responses are predetermined answers that the AI Expert consistently uses for specific queries. Admins set these responses, which can include rich content such as formatted text, links, and images. Fixed responses remain static and do not change based on the conversation. They are particularly useful for frequently asked questions or specific information that can be provided in a standardized manner. Embedded Forms: Admins can design forms that the AI Expert presents to users upon specific queries. These forms serve as a structured way to collect specific data or feedback from users. For example, forms can be used for lead generation, surveys, or feedback purposes. Overall, these different answer formats offer flexibility in how organizations can provide information and interact with users through the AI Expert. From dynamic and contextual responses to fixed responses and embedded forms, organizations can effectively tailor their AI interactions and optimize the flow of information.
Can EveryAnswer auto-translate contextual responses?
Yes, the EveryAnswer can auto-translate contextual responses to the user's native language, regardless of the language in which the content was created.
Learn about Automatic Language Translation
Are fixed responses translated to the user's native language?
No, fixed responses are not translated. They remain in the language they were created in.
Are the forms translated into different languages?
No, the forms are not translated into different languages. They are presented in the language in which they were created and remain consistent for every user.
How can I use embedded forms within EveryAnswer?
Admins can create embedded forms within their Expert to facilitate structured data collection. These forms are presented to users based on specific queries and can be used for various purposes, such as lead generation, surveys, or feedback.
What are the benefits of integrating custom content into the AI Expert?
Integrating custom content into EveryAnswer ensures tailored AI interactions that resonate with the organization's brand, messaging, and objectives. It provides consistency and control over your Experts responses, enhances user engagement, and optimizes data collection processes.
How does custom content enhance user engagement with the AI Expert?
Custom content enhances user engagement with your EveryAnswer Expert by providing a dynamic, engaging, and informative experience. The versatility of custom content, from contextual responses to fixed responses and embedded forms, ensures that users have a personalized interaction with the AI.
Can organizations embed forms for data collection purposes?
Yes, organizations can embed forms for data collection purposes within their EveryAnswer Expert. These forms streamline the data collection process, making it efficient and user-friendly, whether it's for sign-ups, surveys, or feedback.
What is the difference between dynamic & conversational responses and fixed responses?
Dynamic and conversational responses are tailored to the ongoing conversation and provide personalized interactions. They adapt to the context and flow of the conversation, ensuring a more engaging and interactive experience. On the other hand, fixed responses remain consistent and static, offering immediate and clear answers to frequently asked questions or specific information. It's important to note that while dynamic and conversational responses can be auto-translated into the user's native language, fixed responses and embedded forms remain in the language they were created in.
What kind of content can be included in a fixed response?
Fixed responses can include formatted text, links, and images. Organizations can use fixed responses to provide visually engaging answers and ensure consistency in the information provided by the AI.
Why might an organization choose to use fixed responses?
An organization might choose to use fixed responses to ensure consistency and accuracy in the information provided by the AI, maintain brand voice and messaging, and offer immediate and clear answers to specific queries. Fixed responses can be valuable in ensuring precise responses for certain topics or scenarios. For example, a financial firm could employ a fixed response stating, 'Financial recommendations need to be tailored to your specific circumstances. Please schedule an appointment with one of our advisors,' to prioritize the delivery of personalized and appropriate financial advice. By utilizing fixed responses, organizations can confidently provide accurate and reliable answers, mitigating the risk of the AI generating potentially misleading information based on dynamic or contextual content sources.
How do contextual responses differ from fixed responses?
Contextual responses are dynamic and conversational. The AI crafts these responses based on the ongoing conversation and can provide personalized and relevant answers. Fixed responses, on the other hand, are predetermined responses set by the admin. The AI always uses these fixed responses for specific queries.
How do forms streamline the data collection process for organizations?
Forms streamline the data collection process for organizations by providing a structured and efficient way to collect specific data or feedback from users. They eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure that the collected data is consistent and organized.
How do embedded forms within the AI Expert improve user interactions?
Embedded forms within the Expert conversation enhance user interactions by providing a seamless and natural experience. Unlike traditional forms that redirect users to an external webpage or document, embedded forms are presented directly within the chat conversation. This allows users to easily fill out the form without navigating away, and it also enables your Expert to understand the data the user entered. By having the form embedded in the chat, users can ask follow-up questions or seek clarification while interacting with the form. This interactive nature of embedded forms not only streamlines the data collection process but also fosters a more engaging and conversational interaction between the user and your Expert.