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Beyond ChatGPT: Why EveryAnswer is the Business AI You Need

Embrace AI Today for a Smarter Tomorrow: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence
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As you explore the realm of artificial intelligence, particularly the surge in popularity surrounding ChatGPT, you might be wondering how AI can revolutionize your business operations. Here's where EveryAnswer comes into play – a platform that not only utilizes the same GPT model as ChatGPT but also brings additional, business-centric features to the table. Unlike generic AI solutions, EveryAnswer tailors its responses to your specific business needs by integrating private data and current information from public websites, ensuring you get the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

Understanding AI in Business

For those not steeped in technical jargon, AI, particularly Large Language Models like GPT, might seem daunting. However, EveryAnswer demystifies this by offering a user-friendly platform where you can interact in any language naturally. With EveryAnswer, you get a comparable, if not superior, experience to ChatGPT, enhanced by features like secure multi-user access and the ability to embed the AI in both public and private websites.

Practical Application of AI

You might recognize the potential of AI like ChatGPT in business but might not be sure how to harness it effectively. EveryAnswer addresses this by introducing the concept of "Experts" - AI entities tailored to specific roles or functions within your organization. These Experts act like knowledgeable coworkers, instantly providing accurate information about your business, from general info to specifics on products, manuals, and more. Each Expert is unique, with its data sources, users, and settings, and can be shared securely within your organization or publicly through links or integration into websites and apps. Learn more about these Knowledgeable AI Experts.

AI Using Your Own Data

Unlike ChatGPT, which relies on general knowledge, EveryAnswer lets you incorporate your company's proprietary data, offering instant access to this specialized information. Whether it's documents, PDFs, or data extracted from public websites, EveryAnswer converts this into an AI-friendly format. This ensures precise, immediate responses to queries based on your data. New data can be added or removed at any time, with updates reflecting instantly in the Expert's knowledge base. Discover more about getting Instant Answers from Your Data, the simplicity of Data Import, and the variety of Supported Data Sources.

Make AI Accessible To All Your Users

EveryAnswer shines in its 24/7 availability, offering immediate responses in a user-friendly, natural language interface. This ease of use, combined with multi-language support, ensures that all users, regardless of technical expertise or language, can interact seamlessly with the AI. EveryAnswer is tailored for secure multi-user environments, offering both authenticated access and the flexibility to share Experts through private links or embed them in various digital platforms. Explore the Easy & Intuitive User Interface, the benefits of Automatic Language Translation, and the Multi-user Platform features.

AI Every Organization Can Afford

EveryAnswer's pricing model is unique, charging per Expert rather than per user, making it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. With a free forever Starter plan and the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade as needed, EveryAnswer allows you to choose the right plan for each Expert, aligning with your specific needs. This approach invites you to test and compare EveryAnswer with no risk. Visit the EveryAnswer Pricing page for more information.

Safeguarding Your Data and User Privacy

Data security and privacy are paramount in EveryAnswer's design. Your data is used exclusively to answer your queries and is isolated to the specific Expert. When an Expert is deleted, so is its data. EveryAnswer continuously prioritizes user privacy, ensuring conversation confidentiality and protection against bias or discrimination. Learn about Robust Data Protection and User Privacy Protection.

Getting Started with EveryAnswer

Starting with EveryAnswer is a straightforward process, taking just a few minutes from sign-up to having a fully functional Expert. The intuitive setup allows you to quickly add data and share the Expert with your users, enabling you to begin harnessing the power of AI in your business almost immediately. Embrace the opportunity to start for free and see the difference it makes in your operations.


The integration of AI in business is accelerating, enhancing productivity and efficiency. EveryAnswer not only keeps you abreast of this trend but also propels you forward, making vital information accessible instantly in any language, anytime. Its wide range of applications can be explored in depth on the Use Cases page. Don't hesitate to embrace this AI revolution in your business. Start by signing up for EveryAnswer today, for free, and witness the transformative impact of AI in your operations. Sign-up now and step into the future of business intelligence.

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